Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association 2011 Membership Application Form

For the period from January 1 to December 31, 2011

Name: (in English)______________________________________________________________
(in Chinese)______________________________Gender: M/F (please circle) _
Correspondence Address: _________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ Email: _____________________
Telephone: ___________________________ (work) ___________________________ (mobile)
Relevant Degree (with graduation year):_____________________________________________
Profession: _________________________Years of working in the profession: ______________
Organization: __________________________________________________________________

Application for: (Please tick where appropriate)
____ Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST) ____ Associate Member
____ Certified Sandplay Therapist-Teacher (CST-T) ____ Affiliate Member

Copies of documents certifying your eligibility for application of relevant membership category are needed. For details, please refer to the categories of memberships and their requirements: (please tick if copies are attached)
___ Documents certifying your degree
___ Documents certifying recognized sandplay training programs/CST/CST-T)

(For Application of Associate Member Only: please tick where appropriate)
completed in process Not yet started
Personal Sandplay process
Sandplay consultation/supervision with a certified ISST teaching member

Membership Fee: CST, CST-T, Associate Member HK$180
Affiliate Member HK$100
Please make Cheques payable to The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.
Application form, copies of documents, and Cheques should be mailed to:
Honorary Treasurer
The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association
c/o 5/F Season Commercial Building
3 Humphreys Avenue
T.S.T., Kowloon
Membership Categories:

1. Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)

Requirements to become a CST
1. Completion of personal psychotherapeutic sandplay process with a certified ISST member, for a minimum of 25 sandplay sessions.
2. Completion of comprehensive program of study of at least 100 hours in a recognized sandplay training program, whose curriculum is based on ISST standards.
3. Consultation with certified ISST teaching member/s – at least 80 hours of which 30 must be individual and 50 may be in group provided that the candidate brings his or her own material for at least 10 hours of the group sessions.
4. Approval of two preliminary papers.
5. Approval of the final case study by three ISST approved case-readers. After HKSTA has become a Regional Society of the ISST, at least one of the readers will be a HKSTA member.

2. Certified Sandplay Therapist-Teacher (CST-T)
Teaching Members of HKSTA shall meet the membership qualifications for Certified Sandplay Therapist, plus the following additional requirements:

Requirements to become a teaching member
1. Conference attendance: a member must attend at least one international ISST conference.
2. Select a teaching consultant: a new Member must select a Teaching Member to act as a consultant/mentor/guide to assist the Member to:
a. become familiar with the Sandplay Curriculum.
b. prepare at least three cases for presentation in addition to the case that is the subject of the final case report.
c. present at least one case at a regional, national or international conference and receive written evaluation forms.
d. develop skills in consulting and reading of preliminary papers.
e. teach at least one introductory class on Sandplay for a minimum of three hours in the presence of a CST.
3. Time Frame: There is no deadline for the completion of these requirements. Individuals are encouraged to work towards meeting these requirements at a pace that is comfortable for them.
4. To Document: Regarding the case presentation and Introductory Course teaching requirements, written evaluation forms from the participants are required and must be reviewed by the Teaching Consultant who is responsible for making a final decision that the requirements are successfully met. Once all case preparation and teaching requirements are met, the Teaching Consultant writes a letter of recommendation for admission as a Teaching Member addressed to the HKSTA Board and sent to the Membership Chair.

3. Associate Member
This category is intended for individuals who intend to work towards CST membership.

Pre-qualifications to become an associate member
1. Graduate degree from an accredited university in a mental health profession such as psychiatry, psychology, and social work; and
2. At least two years of clinical experience after graduation or receiving the license to practice in his/her own profession.

Requirements to become an Associate Member
1. Completed at least 50 hour of recognized sandplay training program; and
2. Is in the process of completing a personal therapeutic sandplay process with a certified ISST member. The personal Sandplay process must have been experienced within the last 10 years prior to the date of application, although it may overlap the completion of other training requirements, and
3. Is in the process of completing the required hours of consultation/supervision, individually or in groups with a certified ISST teaching member, on his/her work with clients who engage in sandplay on a regular basis.

4. Affiliate Member
This category includes licensed mental health professionals and students of mental health accredited programs who are interested in attending HKSTA activities.

Members are entitled to the privilege of paying a reduced price for attending seminars and workshops organized by the Association.

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