Founding Ceremony of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association

On the morning of Oct. 23rd, a roaring mix of tambourine, percussion and bells marked the start of the founding ceremony of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA). The ceremony was held at Magis Hall, Wah Yan College, and was attended by about 60 professionals.


The association began in 2003 as a training group formed by a small group of Hong Kong clinical psychologists and therapists who found themselves drawn to sandplay therapy. The initiation ceremony was held in November last year.

HKSTA seeks to support and promote professional development in Sandplay Therapy in Hong Kong. It also seeks to become a Regional Society of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST).

Chairperson Dr. Amy Leung Wai Yin addressed the ceremony. She expressed her delight towards the increasing local interest in learning about sandplay therapy, and looked forward to the future development of the treatment.

“The founding of the HKSTA denotes the beginning of an era of more systematic training in Sandplay therapy in Hong Kong,” she said.

“I wholeheartedly wish the best for the development of Sandplay therapy in Hong Kong, and I look forward to seeing sandplay therapy being used more widely in psychological treatment.”

Dr. Leung also spoke to the audience about the history of sandplay therapy and the association. The other committee members were introduced to the assembled gathering and their main roles described briefly. They include Dr. Ellen Ma, Magdalene Lau, Adelina Wong, and Carol Chow.

Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen, a visiting teaching member of the ISST, was invited as guest speaker. He gave his warm congratulations on the founding of HKSTA.

Before the founding ceremony was concluded, the audience was treated to a sure-win lucky draw featuring a collection of miniatures. Many have never owned a sandplay figurine before. But now it’s perhaps the first, of many more to come.

Reported by Viola Luk

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