September Study Group 2012

Preparation of Writing Symbol Paper for ISST Certification — Penguin and more
Presenter: Clover Chan
Date: September 19 (Wednesday) 12:00 to 2:00 pm
Venue: Season Commercial Building, 5/F, 3 Humphrey’s Ave, TST (MTR Exit A2).
We are going to have a symbol study on penguin in September 19. In this meeting, Clover Chan will share her discovery journey with penguin. She will talk about her experience of self discovery through the process of preparation of this symbol paper. She will discuss the nature of the penguin, the penguins in story books and films and its importance in the sandtray. We would like to use this symbol as an example to demonstrate how to prepare the writing of a symbol paper for ISST certification. We also hope that we will be able to set up a support group for those who are in the process or in preparation of writing symbol papers.
Furthermore, ISST has recently held its sandplay therapy intensive training week (ITW) in Poland and six professionals from Hong Kong had participated. There will be a sharing of the Poland ITW in our September Study Group meeting from the participants. Don’t miss the opportunity to hearing from them.

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