January Study Group 2014

we are going to have our first study group in January 15th and we are looking forward to meeting with you and to studying together. In 2014, other than study of symbols and books, we will start to have journal articles study to enrich our knowledge in sandplay therapy. Also May Liu will be our new Study Group coordinator.

adol2Details of our January Study Group
1) Presenter: Raymond Lee
2) Date : 15 January 2014 (Wednesday)
3) Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
4) Journal Articles Study: Sandplay Therapy with Adolescents
5) Venue :1207A, 12/F, David House, 8-20 Nanking Street, Jordan, Kowloon.
(Close to Green Mini Bus to Queen Elizabeth Hospital / Diocesan Girls’ School)
融易軒 — 九龍佐敦南京街8-20 號德惠行12樓1207A
(位於往伊利沙伯醫院小巴總站 / 拔萃女書院旁)


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