Summer Workshop 2015: Introduction to Sandplay Therapy

We will offer an introductory sandplay workshop conducted by Mr. George Kwok and Ms. Carol Chow. Workshop A August 3, 2015 (Mon) 2:00pm – 7:00pm Workshop B August 10, 2015 (Mon) 2:00pm – 7:00pm Workshop A will cover fundamental concepts of Jungian Psychology, such as ego development and the ego-self axis. Case illustration will beContinue reading “Summer Workshop 2015: Introduction to Sandplay Therapy”

June & July Study Groups 2015

During the March workshop, Lenore Steinhardt showed us her unique ceramic figurines which she had made for her own sandplay collection.  That gave us a bright idea of making our own figurines, especially those items which are hard to get in the market such as pregnant women, rainbow, cave, thunder, sunshine and etc.  Let’s makeContinue reading “June & July Study Groups 2015”