George Kwok has been Certified as an ISST Sandplay Therapist

We would like to congratulate Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin who has become the fourth locally trained Certified Sandplay Therapist in Hong Kong.  Mr. Kwok have been certified by the ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy) as a certified member as of July 30, 2015.

George Kwok
Mr. Kwok Kar Kin, George

In brief, the certification process includes (1) a personal process in sandplay therapy with an ISST member; (2) theoretical training of a minimum of 100 hours of participation in training seminars by ISST Teaching members in the tradition of Dora Kalff that is based on the principles of the psychology of C.G. Jung; (3) two written symbol papers; (4) 80 hours supervision of practical work in individual and group sessions; and (5) one completed written case study evaluated by three International ISST case readers.

Mr. Kwok began his sandplay journey in 2009 when he attended sandplay workshop conducted by Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen in Hong Kong.  He continued to engage in numerous sandplay training in the following six years.  He went through his personal sandplay process first with Barbara Turner and then with Dr. Esterhuyzen.  The major supervisor he has worked with is Dr. Liza Ravitz.  He had done “Chi-lin 麒麟” and “Dragon-East and West” as his symbol papers.  His paper in “Chi-lin” was published in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy in 2015.  He has attended the ISST Intensive Training Week (ITW) in Poland and presented his cases in different occasions.  In addition, in the last eight years, he has actively participated in Jungian training in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  George served as a committee member in HKSTA from 2011-2013.  He has offered sandplay therapy training for Caritas and HKSTA in different occasions.  Apart from offering formal training, George is always willing to share his knowledge with his peers.  He is a book worm and colleagues jokingly called him a “walking encyclopedia” of Jungian psychology and Sandplay therapy.  George will continue to share his experience and knowledge of sandplay therapy in writing and training.

Hong Kong Sandplay therapists previously certified by ISST are Dr. Amy Leung Wai Yin (January 2010), Ms. Adelina Wong Wei Kwan (November 2010) and Ms. Carol Chow Suk Yee (August 2014).  Dr. Amy Leung has also been certified as an ISST teaching member in July 2013.  The President of ISST, Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen, a certified Sandplay therapist and ISST Teaching member, is also currently residing in Hong Kong.  One of the goals of HKSTA is to become a Regional Society of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST).  In doing so we will need five certified members and with George’s certification, we will be able to proceed with this process.

HKSTA fully supports those who intend to become certified sandplay therapists.  We will continue to offer programs and other means to facilitate the process.

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