Sandplay Therapy Training in November 2015

It is my pleasure to inform you that Dr. Liza Ravitz will be returning to Hong Kong in November to offer Sandplay Therapy Training. Dr. Ravitz will offer a two-day workshop on “A Path to Healing Loss and Grief in Children and Adults“, and two supervision groups.

Liza workshop photo

This workshop will focus on a Jungian view of grief and mourning surrounding the early loss of a major attachment figure. This loss can result from such situations as death of a parent or sibling, divorce or early parental abandonment. With loss comes mourning and grief. Various symptoms and phases of mourning result, varying by age group. The younger the child the more devastating is the loss. How the child deals with this loss will effect the development of his/her personality and ability to form later relationships. A child’s response to this loss very much depends on circumstances surrounding the loss and the support the child receives afterwards. In healing, the child must reorganize the self to incorporate the loss. The earlier a child can be helped to begin the process of healing, the better the prognosis for a full, healthy adult life. If early abandonment trauma is not attended to in childhood, severe symptomology can erupt and continue into adulthood. Sandplay therapy fosters the healing of the psyche by providing a free and protected space where the therapist serves as a stable anchor enabling development of a more secure attachment and a stronger, more whole, psyche.

In the two days’ workshop, Dr. Ravitz will illustrate, with children cases’ demonstrations, on how this early loss traumatize a person and how sandplay help to heal. George Kwok will be co-teaching in this workshop and he would further illustrate with an adult case of early loss of major attachment figure on the second day’s afternoon to show the participants how sandplay facilitate the self-healing of the psyche when this trauma persist to adulthood.

Workshop dates:
November 28, 2015 (Sat) 9:30am – 5:00pm & November 29, 2015 (Sun) 9:30am – 5:00pm Click here to download Workshop Application Form

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