New ISST Teaching Member in Hong Kong

We would like to congratulate Ms. Adelina Wong Wei Kwan who has become the second locally trained Teaching Member of ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy) in Hong Kong. Ms. Wong has attained her ISST Certification as a Sandplay Therapist in November 2010 and Teaching Member in November 2015.

Ms. Adelina Wong Wei Kwan

Adelina’s sandplay journey started in 2003 when she joined a Study Group in Sandplay Therapy under the Progression Psychological Practice. In 2005, she began her personal process with Dr. Sherry Shepherd in Japan, along with supervisions and teachings by different trainers. She attended the Intensive Training Week (ITW) in Holland and Brazil organized by the ISST. She wrote her symbol papers on Peacock and Horse. Her final case titled “Healing from Abuse: Sandplay Therapy with Concurrent Drawings ” was published in Journal of Sandplay Therapy in 2013. Her other published paper titled “Leaving Father’s House: A Work of Individuation in a Woman’s Sandplay Process” was in Japanese Archives of Sandplay Therapy in 2014.

In order to become an ISST teaching member minimum requirements must be met. The guidelines for becoming an ISST Teaching Member state: An ISST Teaching Member is not only a fine clinician and an excellent teacher, but also fulfills other requirements including: (a) demonstrating the capacity to prepare students for ISST membership in the tradition of Dora Kallf, (b) teaching students to use the Jungian/ISST approach to Sandplay, and (c) demonstrating knowledge of the requirements and procedures that students must follow in order to become ISST members. Briefly, specific requirements are:

  • Have a minimum of two years of experience conducting full Sandplay processes after ISST certification.
  • Attend an ISST congress and present a paper. Or attend an ISST conference  and publish an article in a sandplay or other journal.
  • Prepare and present at least one clinical case in addition to the individual’s final case for ISST membership.
  • Co-teach with a Teaching Member.
  • On two occasions co-facilitate with one or more ISST Teaching Members two Sandplay group supervisions or clinical discussions.
  • Be familiar with ISST Statutes, Rules of Procedures and Code of Ethics and pass then on to prospective students (for a more detailed version, please refer to:

For her pursuit of Teaching Membership, Adelina was mentored by Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen. Amongst other evaluations she presented a paper titled “Applying Kalsched’s Psycho-spiritual Approach on a Sandplay Case: A Survivor of Early Trauma” in the 23rd Congress of ISST in 2015. In addition, she studied Analytical Psychology under the guidance of International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP), and has completed her requirements in analytical training in 2015 and will receive her Jungian Analyst diploma in 2016. Last but not the least, she served as a committee member in HKSTA in October 2010 and resigned in January 2012. HKSTA will work more closely with her in providing Sandplay Therapy Training in coming future.

There are two other ISST Teaching Members in Hong Kong. Dr. Amy Leung Wai Yin has attained her ISST Teaching status in July 2013. The President of ISST, Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen, an ISST Teaching Member, is currently resides in Hong Kong. HKSTA has already met the requirements of becoming a Regional Society of ISST. We have proceeded the application process. HKSTA fully supports those who intend to become Certified Sandplay Therapists and Teaching Members of ISST. We will continue to offer programs and other means to facilitate the process.

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