Sandplay Therapy Supervision Group

In sandplay therapy training, supervision group is more advanced as it requires the students to present their sandplay therapy case materials. In group, different responses from group members will be brought together to inquire into what is being presented. This may lead to significant insights and fruitful learning experience. In June, HKSTA will offer fourContinue reading “Sandplay Therapy Supervision Group”

June Study Group 2017: Typology and Sandplay Therapy

In our May 2017 Study Group, we are going to take a look at typology and sandplay therapy. Psychological type determines and limits a person’s judgment. As therapists, it is important for us to understand ourselves and our types of attitude when we work with our clients. If our personality type is harmonious with ourContinue reading “June Study Group 2017: Typology and Sandplay Therapy”

April 2017 Study Group

We will have our April Study Group in April 27 and we are going to study the book “On Jung” by Anthony Stevens. We all know that most of C.G. Jung’s psychological principles grow out of his own experience during the years after his break with Freud. For this reason both Jung and his psychologyContinue reading “April 2017 Study Group”