New ISST Teaching Member in Hong Kong

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Kwok Kar Kin George

We would like to congratulate Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin who has become a Teaching Member of ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy) in Hong Kong. Mr. Kwok has attained his ISST Certification as a Sandplay Therapist in July 2015 and Teaching Member in February 2019.

Throughout his journey to become a Teaching Member, Dr. Liza Ravitz was the major advisor who has given Mr. Kwok continuous guidance.  He first presented his paper “Searching for the stillness in an unquiet mind: The inner masculine journey of a Chinese teenager with Asperger Syndrome” in ISST 2015 Congress in Ottawa, Canada.  In 2015, Mr. Kwok has done co-teaching with Dr. Liza Ravitz in Hong Kong.  The topic was “A path to healing: Loss and grief in children and adults”.  In 2018, he has also done co-teaching with Ms. Linda Cunningham and Ms. Betty Jackson in the United States.  The former one he presented a paper on “Introduction to Sandplay Therapy: A short case of an adolescent” and the latter one on “The hands know how to solve the riddle: Sandplay fundamentals”.

According to ISST rules, the requirements to become a Teaching Member include: (1) A minimum of two years of experience conducting full Sandplay processes after ISST certification. (2) Attend an ISST congress and present a paper. Or attend an ISST conference and publish an article in a sandplay or other journal.  (3) Present at least one clinical case in addition to the individual’s final case for ISST membership. (4) Co-teach with a Teaching Member and preferably with two different Teaching Members. (5) On two occasions co-facilitate with one or more ISST Teaching Members for two Sandplay group supervisions or clinical discussions (this is a brief version and for a detailed one please refer to ISST website).

In order to fulfill his requirements, Mr. Kwok has done co-supervision with Dr. Liza Ravitz, Ms. Harriet Friedman and Dr. Sachiko Reece in 2018.  As regarding to teaching experience, he has taught Sandplay Therapy since 2011 in different occasions mainly for HKSTA and Caritas, and he also taught at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Mr. Kwok has led many study groups for HKSTA throughout the years and he is well known of his knowledge in Jungian concepts.  We wholeheartedly commend Mr. Kwok’s achievement and we are looking forward to his further involvement in sandplay therapy training.

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