HKSTA Sandplay Therapy Training Case Colloquia on Sandplay and Dreams by Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen


We are glad to announce that Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association will invite Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen to provide a series of six Zoom sessions for Case Colloquia on Sandplay and Dream from June to July 2020 which will fulfil 15 hours of theoretical training required by the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST).

Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen has had over forty years of experience in ISST Sandplay Therapy. He is a Senior (Jungian) Analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists in London with a special interest in dreams, symbol and image. He is also a Sandplay Therapist and Teaching member of ISST. He is a wonderful teacher and he explains Jungian concepts very well. In a series of 6 sessions, Dr. Alex Esterhyzen will explore the intersection of Sandplay therapy and dream work. We can develop a better understanding how to understand dreams and recognize the connections and differences between dreams and sandplay. This colloquium involves active participation by all participants who will take turn to present materials involving Sandplay and dreams. We also open for some, but limited quota, who are interested in Sandplay and dreams but they may not have materials to present. Don’t miss this chance!

Course Title: Dreaming with the hands and during sleep!

Presenter: Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen

Dates: 23/6, 30/6, 7/7, 14/7, 21/7, 28/7 (all Tuesdays)

Time: 9:45am-12:30pm (15min break)

Method: Zoom

Language: English

Click here link to download form

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