HKSTA Study Group March 2021

Genie in Disney Version. Adapted from Official Disney Dream File, No 20 (page 11), by Character Profile Genie, 2009, DeAgostini Japan. Copyright 2006 by K K DeAgostini Japan, Disney, and Disney/Pixar.

Are you aware of the character Genie in the Walt Disney film of Aladdin? We will explore on the psychological dimensions of the story to better understand Genie on both of his opposite aspects that involve “the trickster” and “the wise old man” through his action of granting three wishes to Aladdin. And thus we may know more about the essence of these two archetypal figures from a Jungian perspective. In fact, the figure of the Genie can be interpreted as an inner mentor in the symbolic process and this will be further illustrated by the clinical materials of a lady who has anxiety disorder and delusion features on her quest to find herself. 

Bhakta has completed her two symbol papers and both were accepted in 2020.  “Genie: the mentor within” is her first symbol paper study.

Date      :     March 24, 2021 (Wed)
Time      :     7:30-9pm
Topic     :     Genie: the mentor within
Presenter      :     Bhakta NG (Psychotherapist & Registered Social Worker who mainly works with SEN adolescents and adults with anxiety issues)
Venue    :            Webinar through Zoom
Language     :     Cantonese
Remark  :     Please watch the film Aladdin (2019) before joining this study group

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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