HKSTA Study Group April 2021

Fox is a paradoxical kind of animals, which is not only cute and clever but also cunning and cruel. Fox is not as powerful as big cats. Nevertheless, it is no doubt relatively more intelligent among animals. Due to its intelligence, fox is always considered one of the spirit animals. This attribute, besides its instinctual power, sometimes appears in the sand tray.

Moreover, fox’s paradoxical nature is polarized and is expressed by the fox spirits. Some fox spirits are considered benevolent and loyal but others malevolent and treacherous. The characteristics of the fox spirits are “poles apart”. Interestingly, there have been quite some folklores regarding marriage with/of a fox spirit in the oriental literature. If the supernatural creatures are projection of our complexes in the unconscious psyche, which complex (or complexes) does the fox spirit represent? What is its relationship with our shadow?

In this study group, we will discuss the nature of fox, fox spirits in the oriental literature and its relationship with our unconsciousness, and these are illustrated by several clinical case materials.

Date: April 28, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30-9pm
Presenter: Mr Ryan Hung (a counsellor who works with adults, in particular parents, and sometimes with children as well)
Venue: Webinar via zoom
Language: Cantonese

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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