HKSTA 4-Day Supervision Group in July/August 2021

We are very excited to let you know we will have a four-day supervision group in July and August 2021.  As we were not able to offer supervision group for a long period of time, we are looking forward to this face to face supervision group and to resume sandplay therapy training in person soon.  The supervisor of this four-day supervision group is Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen and he has been our trainer for over a decade.  He is the past President of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST), a psychiatrist specialized in Psychotherapy, a Senior Jungian Analyst and visiting Professor at Kyoto University.  He has extensive clinical experience as a Training Analyst, Sandplay Therapist, Teacher of Sandplay Therapy and Analytical Psychology. Group Supervision with him is NOT an individual supervised in a group. It is a learning experience for all participants as everyone is engaged in learning how to think symbolically and to link sandplay images, the clients’ psyche, and the therapeutic relationship to the image.

Some participants will present their clinical materials and each presenter can have at least a 2 hour-slot to present.

Click here to download form.

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