Basic Set-Up

The Sand tray:
According to the tradition of Dora Kalff, the sandtray is a rectangular wooden box, size 28 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ x 3″ or 57 x 72 x 7 cm (Fig.1), painted blue at the bottom and sides. It is optimal to have two sand trays available in the office, one with slightly damp sand, and the other remains dry at all times. The size is based on what one can see without turning one’s head. The sandtray fills up one’s field of vision which in turn becomes one’s inner world reflected in the sand.

The boxes can be made to order by any furniture manufacturing company. Waterproof Sky blue paint is used for the bottom and sides. The brand from Camel Synthetic Enamel ( CM Series No. CM135) appears to be a good choice. Sometimes it makes sense to use smaller trays with young children. If a lot of water is used, a plastic container (Fig. 2),67cm x 55cm x 18cm, works very well.

DIY project: The transparent plastic container with lid can be found in IKEA. One can paint it with Enamel CM135. The outside of the box can be covered with plastic finishing Easy-Fix with wood line design.

The Sand:
For hygienic purpose, it is advisable to use treated fine sand commonly utilized in kindergartens. Please refer to Q & A section for places to buy sand in Hong Kong.

To mark out a space in your setting to put your figurines is an essential consideration, for it determines the size of your collection.

The Figurines:
To start collecting figurines is a kind of inner journey for every sandplay therapist. Initially, you may want to include objects that you can relate to in a range as wide as possible. You open yourself up to allow objects to be chosen on your shelves. This is the same process we ask our clients to do. You may be surprised at the kind of figurines that turn up in your collection. You may also pick up objects that are meaningful to you. They evoke special feelings and memories in you. Your connection with the figurines will affect how the clients use the objects. When you make new discovery of yourself, you may add new objects that symbolize your growth to the collection. As your knowledge of sandplay therapy deepens, you may re-organize your collection. Gradually, the collection becomes part of you. It reflects the unique expressiveness and the personality of the collector.

There is no set parameter for the objects to be collected. They practically include all objects that exist in the Universe. The following list, which is not comprehensive, suggests the common categories that you may want to start with. Use your imagination and experience to expand the list.

1. Creatures of the Land:
a. People: Ordinary family members including elderly grandparent, father, mother, adolescent, children, babies, historical people, space man, diver, wedding couple, the handicapped, the wounded, the graduate, the rescuer, the police, soldiers, knights, cowboys and Indians…
b. Animals:
Wild: lion, tiger, panther, zebra, bear, rhino, elephant….
Forest: deer, rabbit, coyote, wild boar, skunk…
Domesticated: cat, dog, mouse…
Prehistoric: dinosaur, mammoth…
Farm: milk cow, goat, chicken, sheep, horse, pig…
Reptiles and amphibious creatures: frog, crocodile, snake, lizard, turtle…
Insects: butterfly, spider, ant, caterpillar, cockroach, centipede, honey bee…

2. Creatures of the Sea: fish, shark, dolphin, octopus, whale, sea turtle, coral, sea horse, urchin, crab…

3. Creatures of the Sky: duck (air, land, water), owl, lovebirds, swan, bird in flight, eagle, birds with nest, peacock, bird with eggs, phoenix…

4. Nature:
a. Trees including flowering tree, fruit tree, evergreen pine, bare tree, dead tree, flowers, seaweed, cactus, all kinds of greens, lichen…
b. Rocks: all kinds of geophytes, crystal, amethyst, fossils
c. Sea shells
d. Landscape of the earth: mountains, caves, volcanoes, river, lake, pond…

5. Structure:
a. Buildings: castle, house, teepee, igloo, temple, church, cathedral, fire station, police station, gas station, amusing park, farm, barn house, hospital…
b. Barriers: screens, fences, road signs, blocks, bridges…

6. Transportation:
a. Land: bicycle, cars, police car, emergency and rescue vehicles, trucks, train, bus…
b. Air: airplane, air-balloon…
c. Sea: raft. boat, ship, row boat, sailing boat…

7. Spiritual: Gods and goddesses, figurines from different religions, mandala…

8. Fantasy figures: Witches and wizards, princes and princesses, kings and queens, magicians, fairytale and cartoon animated figures, ET, fairies, Gnome…

9. Mythical figures: Centaurs, mermaids, Minotaur, medusa, flying dragon, unicorns, pagesus, griffon, three headed dog…

10. Monster: Ghost like creatures and those that represent shadow materials

11. The Chinese five primal elements of the universe:
a. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth in actuality as well as symbolically: –
b. Metal: Copper wire; coin; ring; jewelry; Electronic goods; golden chalice…
c. Wood: Forest; tree; wooden furniture…
d. Water: distill water in the container, fountain, river, falls, ice…
e. Fire: fireplaces, stoves, red fabric, candles, bonfire, fire fighters, sun…
f. Earth: caves, bulldozers, miniature shovels, miners, clay jar; porcelain; mountain…

12. Death: Graveyard, skeleton, skulls, coffin, RIP sign, mummy, dying tree…

13. Clown: All kinds of symbol for the trickster…

14. Miscellaneous: Food, Lamp post, letters, post box, telephone, telephone booth, marbles, tea set, jewels, Band-Aids, stars, snowflakes, cloth, bones, Bible, Koran, Tai chi sign, evil eyes, different masks…

Other helpful equipments for creative process:
1. Soft wax, clay, play dough of different color that allow clients to make their own figures creatively,
2. Glue, scotch tape, blue tack for putting objects together,
3. Plastic wrap to prevent water from vanishing into the sand,

A few practical tips for the set-up:
1. To minimize damage for the wooden tray, make sure the interlining edges are sealed tightly with Professional Silicone Sealant to prevent water from seeping into the edges of the wooden boards in future usage. The sealant for aquarium industry is the best.

2. Try to have some order in your shelves. Categorize your collection and put them together accordingly. Figurines that end up in inappropriate or scary places will unsettle both children and adults.

3. Shelves can be covered by a curtain to avoid overwhelming certain clients or distracting others who are not engaged in the sandplay process. Food, Lamp post, letters, post box, telephone, telephone booth, marbles, tea set, jewels, Band-Aids, stars, snowflakes, cloth, bones, Bible, Koran, Tai chi sign, evil eyes, different masks…

Prepared by: Wong Wei Kwan, Adelina in September 2011

基本設施 – 黃慧筠女士

根據Dora Kalff的傳統,沙盆是一個28吋x19吋x3吋或57厘米x72厘米x7厘米(圖一)的長方型木盒,內部之底部和四邊塗上藍色的顏料。理想的做法是在辦公室放置兩個沙盆,一個盛著微微濕潤的泥沙,另一個盛著乾沙。沙盆的大小是要讓人們一目了然可以看見盆中的一切,這正是反映著一己的內心世界。

這個容器可以在任何製造傢具的公司訂造,內部之底部和邊緣塗上天藍色的防水漆油。駱駝漆系列(編號 CM135)應是不錯的選擇。對於小孩來說,比較細小的沙盆可能更為合適。如果需要用大量的水,可以用一個67厘米x55厘米x18厘米的塑膠容器 (圖二)。






1. 地上的生物:
a. 人類:
b. 動物:
c. 爬蟲和水陸兩棲的動物:青蛙、鱷魚、蛇、蜥蜴、海龜….
d. 昆蟲:蝴蝶、蜘蛛、螻蟻、毛蟲、蟑螂、蜈蚣、蜜蜂….

2. 海洋中的生物: 魚、鯊魚、海豚、八爪魚、鯨魚、海龜、珊瑚、海馬、海膽、螃蟹….

3. 天空中的生物:鴨、貓頭鷹、鸚鵡、天鵝、飛翔中的鳥兒、麻鷹、在築巢中的鳥兒、孔雀、孵蛋中的鳥兒、鳳凰….

4. 大自然:
a. 花團錦簇的樹、果實纍纍的樹、常綠的松木、光禿禿的枯木、繽紛的花海、海草、仙人掌、常綠灌木、苔蘚….
b. 石頭:不同的岩石、水晶、紫水晶、化石
c. 貝殼
d. 不同的地貌:崇山峻嶺、岩洞、火山、溪流、湖泊、池沼….

5. 各類型的建築:
a. 建築物:堡壘、房屋、印第安人的帳篷、愛斯基摩人的圓頂小屋、廟宇、教堂、消防局、警察局、汽車加油站、大型遊樂園、農場、穀倉、醫院….
b. 人造設施:遮擋物、柵欄、交通標誌、路障、橋樑.…

6. 交通工具:
a. 陸上的交通工具:腳踏車、私家車、警車、緊急的救援車輛、貨車、火車、巴士….
b. 空中的交通工具:飛機、載人的氫氣球….
c. 海上的交通工具:木筏、小艇、輪船、帆船….

7. 屬靈的事物:神祗、女神、不同宗教的雕像、曼陀羅.…

8. 童話中的想像:巫師和女巫、王子和公主、皇帝和皇后、魔術師、童話故事和漫畫人物、外星人、仙女、妖精.…

9. 神話中的怪物:半人馬星座、美人魚、人身牛頭怪物、三妖怪姐妹、飛龍、獨角獸、帕格薩斯、半獅半鷲的怪獸、三頭犬.…

10. 怪物:任何類似鬼怪和跟靈異有關的東西

11. 中國的五行元素:
a. 金、木、水、火、土以及它們象徵的東西:
b. 金屬:銅線、錢幣、戒指、珠寶、電子產品、金酒杯….
c. 木材:森林、樹木、木傢具….
d. 水:容器中的清水、噴泉、溪流、瀑布、冰川….
e. 火:壁爐、煮食爐、火紅的物料、蠟燭、營火、滅火車、太陽….
f. 土:山洞、推土機、小型的鏟子、礦井工人、陶造的器皿、瓷器、高山….

12. 跟死亡有關的東西:墓地、骷髏骨、頭顱骨、棺材、木乃伊、枯木.…

13. 小丑:魔術師,小丑.…

14. 其他:食物、燈柱、信件、郵箱、電話、電話亭、彈珠、茶具、珠寶、膠布、繁星、雪花、布料、骨頭、聖經、可蘭經、太極標記、邪惡的眼睛、不同的面具.…

1. 軟的蠟狀物、黏土、不同顏色的玩具泥膠,都可以用來創造各種形態的物體。
2. 膠水、膠紙、用來黏著物件的泥膠。
3. 防止水份漏出的膠紙。

1. 為了保護沙盆免受水浸影響,可以以矽樹膠將沙池的邊緣圍封,水族館的密封劑能發揮最佳效果。
2. 層架上的陳列要作適當的分門別類,隨意地亂放微型玩具會令成年人和兒童感到混亂。
3. 為免使其他不作沙遊治療的受助者感到眼花撩亂,可用布簾蓋上層架。

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