Name: Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA)
Location: The registered office shall be established and maintained at the addresses of the Chairman and/or of the Secretary of HKSTA. Correspondences will be sent by the Secretary to all HKSTA members.

1. HKSTA is founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of a group of trained Sandplay Therapists in Hong Kong, to support and promote professional development in Sandplay Therapy (theory, clinical practice and research) in the tradition of Dora Kalff, based on the theories of C. G. Jung*.

* Sandplay Therapy is a therapeutic method developed by Dora Kalff and based on the psychological principles of C. G. Jung. Sandplay is a creative form of therapy in using imagination, “a concentrated extract of the life forces both physical and psychic” (C. G. Jung). It is characterized by the use of sand, water and miniatures in the creation of images within the “free and protected space” of the therapeutic relationship and the sand tray. A series of Sandplay images portrayed in the sand tray create an ongoing dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the client’s psyche which activates a healing process and the development of personality.

2. The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA) is a Regional Society of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (“ISST”), founded by Dora M. Kalff. All certified members (of ISST) are members of HKSTA and pay dues to HKSTA that include dues to ISST.

3. English and Chinese are the official languages of HKSTA. In case of doubt, the English formulation shall prevail.

1. Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association (HKSTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to support and promote professional development in sandplay as defined above.

2. Its goals are:
a. To promote the study and teaching of Sandplay Therapy in Hong Kong.
b. To propagate and disseminate knowledge about Sandplay Therapy, establishment of a library of Sandplay literature and symbol papers in English and Chinese.

A. Categories of Membership
There shall be four (4) categories of membership in this organization:
Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)
Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher (CST-T)
Associate Member
Affiliate Member

A-1. Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)
CST members should have obtained the status of membership of ISST, which may include the following requirements:
1. Completion of a personal psychotherapeutic sandplay process with a certified ISST member, for a minimum of 25 sandplay sessions.
2. Completion of at least 100 hours of teaching by an ISST Teaching member and based on ISST standards.
3. Consultation/Supervision with certified ISST Teaching Member/s – a minimum of 80 hours, of which a minimum of 30 hours must be individual hours. Up to 50 hours can be in a group setting provided that the candidate presents his or her own material for at least 10 hours of the group sessions and the group is no larger than 10 participants (excluding the Teaching Member).
4. Approval of two preliminary papers, at least one of which must include clinical sandplay material.
5. Approval of the final case study by three ISST approved case-readers. The three readers must include at least one ISST approved case-reader from HKSTA. Exceptions will be made in exceptional circumstances.

A-2. Certified Sandplay Therapist-Teacher (CST-T)
Teaching Members of HKSTA shall meet the membership qualifications for Certified Sandplay Therapist. CST-T members should have obtained the status of CST-T membership of ISST, which include the following requirements:

Requirements to become a teaching member
1. Conference attendance: A member must attend at least one international ISST conference.
2. Select a teaching consultant: A new Member must select a Teaching Member to act as a consultant/mentor/guide to assist the Member to:
a. Become familiar with the Sandplay Curriculum.
b. Prepare at least three cases for presentation in addition to the case that is the subject of the final case report.
c. Present at least one case at a regional, national or international conference and receive written evaluation forms.
d. Develop skills in consulting and reading of preliminary papers.
e. Teach at least one introductory class on Sandplay for a minimum of three hours in the presence of a CST.
3. Time Frame: There is no deadline for the completion of these requirements. Individuals are encouraged to work towards meeting these requirements at a pace that is comfortable for them.
4. To Document: Regarding the case presentation and Introductory Course teaching requirements, written evaluation forms from the participants are required and must be reviewed by the Teaching Consultant who is responsible for making a final decision that the requirements are successfully met. Once all case preparation and teaching requirements are met, in accordance with ISST practice, the Teaching Consultant writes a letter of recommendation for admission as a Teaching Member addressed to the HKSTA Board and sent to the Membership Chair. A recommendation for Teaching Membership from the local ISST Regional Society must be included in the application to ISST for CST-T status.

A-3. Associate Member
This category is intended for individuals who intend to work towards CST membership.

Pre-qualifications to become an associate member
1. Graduate degree from an accredited university in a mental health profession such as psychiatry, psychology, and social work; and
2. At least two years of clinical experience after graduation or receiving the license to practice in own profession.

Requirements to become an Associate Member
1. Completed at least 50 hours of recognized sandplay training program; and
2. Is in the process of completing a personal therapeutic sandplay process with a certified ISST member. The personal Sandplay process must have been experienced within the last 10 years prior to the date of application, although it may overlap the completion of other training requirements, and
3. Is in the process of completing the required hours of consultation/supervision, individually or in groups with a certified ISST teaching member, on his/her work with clients who engage in sandplay on a regular basis.

A-4. Affiliate Member
This category includes licensed mental health professionals and students of mental health accredited programs who are interested in attending HKSTA activities.

B. Application for Membership
1. Applications for membership in HKSTA shall be addressed to the official office address of the HKSTA Secretary and shall be in accordance with the instructions provided by HKSTA (Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association) for each specific category of membership.

2. The professional qualifications of all applicants shall be vetted by the Executive Committee, which have the full right and final discretion to refuse admission of unqualified applicants.

C. Legal Liability
To protect the public and reduce legal liability to HKSTA, members are required to adhere to the code of ethics stipulated by their primary mental health discipline. HKSTA is not liable or responsible for any indemnities stemming from malpractice of its members.

D. Membership Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal of membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary. Termination of membership shall take effect at the time specified in the member’s notification and, if no time is specified, at the time of its receipt by the Secretary. The Secretary will inform the Executive Committee of the withdrawal of membership. Fees previously paid will not be refunded.

E. Membership Fees
1. The General Meeting of the HKSTA shall have power to alter any fees and subscriptions.

2. All HKSTA members will pay fees to the Association, the amount of which is determined by the Executive Committee. All CST and CST-T members will need to pay both the HKSTA and ISST membership fees.

3. Dues paid to ISST by HKSTA are calculated as follows: the number of ISST members of HKSTA, as of January 1st of each year, is to be multiplied by the dues stipulated for Individual Members of ISST. HKSTA is obligated to report in writing each year before January 31st to the Treasurer of ISST the number of their ISST members by January 1st. HKSTA will pay dues to ISST by March 31 of the current year.

F. Termination of Membership
Rights and privileges of membership shall be terminated for non-payment of HKSTA dues. Members are required to pay membership fees within the first 3 months of each financial year. A member who is more than 3 months in arrears with the membership fee from the due date will cease to be a member. He/she may be reinstated at the discretion of the Executive Committee on payment of all arrears.

HKSTA reserves the right to review an individual’s membership should they be subject to exclusion from membership of their generic professional body or ISST.


A. Election of Executive Committee Members
1. The Executive Committee of HKSTA shall consist of the chairperson, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and at least one to three committee members. They will be elected for a term of three years.

2. Members of the following three categories are qualified for nomination to be elected to the Executive Committee: Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST), Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher (CST-T), and Associate Member of HKSTA.

B. Regular Meetings
1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held before March 31st of each year, and notice of the AGM shall reach its members at least 14 days before the meeting. Elections for the five posts of the Executive Committee will be held at this meeting.

2. Extraordinary Meeting (EGM) of the membership shall be called by the Executive Committee or at the request, in writing, of at least 50% of the voting members.

3. The quorum for any General Meeting shall be formed by at least 25% of the paid up membership including proxy. If the number of voting members present at the meeting is insufficient to constitute a quorum, the Executive Committee shall adjourn the meeting to a day within 21 days. The Secretary shall send the notice for calling the Adjourned Meeting and agenda to each member at least 14 days prior to the meeting. At that meeting, a quorum shall be formed by whatever number of voting members present.

4. All decisions of the General Meeting shall be valid if they are made by a majority of votes given either by the voting members or by proxy.

C. Notice of Meetings
Written notice, stating the place, date, time and general nature of the business to be considered, of the annual meeting or any special meeting, shall be sent to each member entitled to vote not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.

D. Members Entitled to Vote
1. Members in the following three categories are entitled to vote: Certified Sandplay Therapists-Teachers (CST-T), Certified Sandplay Therapists (CST), and Associate Members. Each member entitled to vote may cast one vote, either in person or by written proxy.

2. Members may vote either in person or by written proxy. Proxies shall be filed with the member responsible for recording the proceedings of the meeting, normally the Secretary. A proxy shall be valid only for the meeting in question.

The affairs of HKSTA shall be managed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall hold meetings at least two times a year.

A. The Duties of the Executive Committee members are:
1. Chair: The chair shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Association; have general supervision over the business of the association and over its several officer subjects. The chair shall have the responsibility for the agenda of meetings and preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee. The chair shall have the power on behalf of the association to execute all deeds, agreements, and instruments.

2. Vice-chair: The vice chair shall convene the meeting in the event that the chair cannot be present and take up all the responsibility of the chair until the chair returns or until the vacancy is filled.

3. Secretary: The secretary shall plan the agenda of the meetings in conjunction with the chair. The secretary shall notify the members of all meetings, as well as send all other notices required by law or the constitution. The secretary is also responsible for recording the proceedings of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee, and maintaining the archives of these proceedings. In case of his or her absence or disability, the chair or members shall appoint another person to perform these functions.

4. Treasurer: The treasurer shall serve as the chief financial officer of the Association. The treasurer shall be responsible for the safety of all moneys and keep accurate accounts of all transactions conducted in the name of the Association. He/she shall give an account of the financial condition of the Association at regular meetings of the Executive Committee whenever the chair or members of the Executive Committee request a report. The treasurer shall prepare an annual financial report for audit and for presentation at the AGM. He/she shall, in conjunction with the Secretary, sign cheques on behalf of the Association. The treasurer shall count the number of ISST members of HKSTA as of January 1st of each year and report in writing each year before January 31st to the Treasurer of ISST the number of ISST members of HKSTA by January 1st. He / she shall arrange to pay dues to ISST by March 31 of the current year.

5. Committee Member: The Committee Member shall give aid to other executive members as deem fit by the Chair.

B. Terms of Office
Members of the executive committee shall be elected for a three (3) year term. Any position of a member not filled at the AGM may be filled by the members elected at EGM.

C. Resignations
Resignations of any Executive Committee member should be addressed to the Chair in writing with at least one month’s notice prior to the date of resignation.

An archive of all the proceeding of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee is kept in the registered office. The members of HKSTA are eligible to access to the proceeding of the meetings of the Association by putting his/her request in writing to the Executive Committee. The decision to accept the request is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

HKSTA complies with the code of ethics of ISST. In the event of a written complaint of an alleged breach in the code of ethics by an ISST-certified member, HKSTA will appoint three members to hear and investigate the complaint. The three members will not be affiliated with the accused member. HKSTA will inform the ISST Board of the complaint and report developments and outcomes related to the complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved locally, HKSTA may request assistance from the ISST Board.

HKSTA has the right to nominate a member of ISST Board and a substitute who are then confirmed by the General Assembly of ISST. HKSTA has the right to nominate one ISST Board Member for each one- to- thirty ISST-certified members, with one additional member for above thirty ISST-certified members.

ISST-certified member within HKSTA is eligible to stand for the election of ISST Board representatives. The HKSTA representative on the ISST Board must be nominated from the HKSTA Board/Executive Committee.

The role of the HKSTA representative on the ISST Board should be as outlined in the ISST job description, and also represents the views and concerns of HKSTA executives and members.

The Society may be dissolved at a general meeting by a simple majority of members present or represented by proxy, in which event any remaining funds shall be donated to charity purposes, to be determined by the outgoing committee.

HKSTA will continue to work towards closer cooperation with regional Chinese groups.


Date: 24 March 2018























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