Current Executive Members:

Chan Shook Yim, Sally 陳淑艷
Master Soc. Sc. (MFT)
Marriage & Family Therapist

Liu Yun Fung, May 廖潤鳳
Master Soc. Sc., (Counselling)
Reg. Social Worker & Reg. Play Therapist

Wong Chi Mei, Jennifer 王紫薇
Master Soc. Sc. (Counselling), M. Soc. Sc. (Beh. Health)
Counsellor & Assistant Lecturer

Kwok Sau Ling, Teresa 郭秀玲
PDG in Therapeutic Play Skills
Certified Play Therapist in Creative Arts & Play Therapy

Mui Kam Seung, Ruby 梅金嫦
Clinical Psychologist

Cheung Yee Ping, Chris 張綺冰
Master Soc. Sc. (Education Psychology)
Educational Psychologist

Lee Earn Ee, Berenice 李恩意
Master in Counselling

Liu Wong Po Shan, Kitty 廖黃宝珊
Master of Christian Studies (Counselling)
Psychological Counselor

Poon Yat Sun 潘一新
Master in Counselling
Counsellor & Certified Play Therapist
Committee Members


Leung Wai Yin, Amy 梁慧賢
Clinical Psychologist

HKSTA Exco 2020

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