HKSTA Study Group September 2021

For this study group, we will look at some of the characters from the fairy tale of The Wizard of Oz to understand the road of enlightenment for the character of Dorothy.  “Symbolically this fairy tale describes how a person becomes healed and whole. The Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion represent unexplored,Continue reading “HKSTA Study Group September 2021”

HKSTA Study Group August 2021

The Ten Oxen Herding pictures from The Orient are often used to describe the road to enlightenment in the Zen tradition.  We will explore whether this series of poems and pictures can be applied and understood from the Jungian perspective of Individuation. We will start by learning the meaning of the pictures and the poemsContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group August 2021”

HKSTA Oct 2021 Introduction to Sandplay Therapy by Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin

We are glad to announce that Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin (certified sandplay therapist & teaching member, ISST) will offer a workshop ‘Introduction to Sandplay Therapy’ in October 2021. This workshop consists of 5 Zoom sessions and 1-day face-to-face experimental training which will fulfill 18 hours of theoretical training required by the International Society ofContinue reading “HKSTA Oct 2021 Introduction to Sandplay Therapy by Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin”

HKSTA Study Group July 2021

The movie Forrest Gump begins with a white feather floating about in the breeze and gently landing next to Forrest’s foot.  The feather is blown about randomly by the wind and, Forrest says, “you never know what you’re gonna get”. If a feather was chanced upon on the ground, ancient people believed that it was theContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group July 2021”

HKSTA 4-Day Supervision Group in July/August 2021

We are very excited to let you know we will have a four-day supervision group in July and August 2021.  As we were not able to offer supervision group for a long period of time, we are looking forward to this face to face supervision group and to resume sandplay therapy training in person soon. Continue reading “HKSTA 4-Day Supervision Group in July/August 2021”