HKSTA Study Group May 2021

Healing and personal transformation are the sine qua non of therapy. In Sandplay therapy, healing occurs with the strengthening of the ego-Self axis in the process of individuation, while transformation is evidenced by an expansion of consciousness and personal world view (Ammann, 1991) Murray Stein argues that a person’s destiny is made up of a series of transformativeContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group May 2021”

HKSTA Study Group April 2021

Fox is a paradoxical kind of animals, which is not only cute and clever but also cunning and cruel. Fox is not as powerful as big cats. Nevertheless, it is no doubt relatively more intelligent among animals. Due to its intelligence, fox is always considered one of the spirit animals. This attribute, besides its instinctualContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group April 2021”

Notice for the Tenth Annual General Meeting, 2021

Dear Members, The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association will hold our Tenth Annual General Meeting on 24 March 2021 (Wednesday). It will be followed by our March study group on a symbol – Genie: a mentor within, presented by Bhakta Ng. We look forward to your attending either in person (via Zoom video conferencing) orContinue reading “Notice for the Tenth Annual General Meeting, 2021”

Sally Chan is Certified as an ISST Sandplay Therapist

We would like to congratulate Ms. Sally Chan Shook Yim who has become the fifth locally trained Certified Sandplay Therapist in Hong Kong.  Ms. Chan has been certified by the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) as a Certified Member as of February 10, 2021.  In brief, the certification process includes (1) a personal processContinue reading “Sally Chan is Certified as an ISST Sandplay Therapist”

HKSTA Study Group March 2021

Are you aware of the character Genie in the Walt Disney film of Aladdin? We will explore on the psychological dimensions of the story to better understand Genie on both of his opposite aspects that involve “the trickster” and “the wise old man” through his action of granting three wishes to Aladdin. And thus weContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group March 2021”