HKSTA 4-Day Supervision Group in July/August 2021

We are very excited to let you know we will have a four-day supervision group in July and August 2021.  As we were not able to offer supervision group for a long period of time, we are looking forward to this face to face supervision group and to resume sandplay therapy training in person soon. Continue reading “HKSTA 4-Day Supervision Group in July/August 2021”

HKSTA Study Group June 2021

Octopus is one of the most interesting sea creatures. Name octopus is derived from the Greek language, and it means eight-footed. It moves with grace and fluidity, using both strategy and intuition equally as Octopus enjoys exploring the ocean. Octopus contain a fantastic creature with an ability to defend itself with an ink-like liquid andContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group June 2021”

HKSTA June – July 2021 Six Online Training Classes by Dr. Amy Leung

We are glad to announce that Dr. Amy Leung will offer six online classes in Sandplay Therapy from June to July 2021 which will fulfill 15 hours of theoretical training required by the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST). The workshop is on Individuation in Sandplay Therapy.  Individuation is a core concept of analytical psychology andContinue reading “HKSTA June – July 2021 Six Online Training Classes by Dr. Amy Leung”

HKSTA Study Group May 2021

Healing and personal transformation are the sine qua non of therapy. In Sandplay therapy, healing occurs with the strengthening of the ego-Self axis in the process of individuation, while transformation is evidenced by an expansion of consciousness and personal world view (Ammann, 1991) Murray Stein argues that a person’s destiny is made up of a series of transformativeContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group May 2021”

HKSTA Study Group April 2021

Fox is a paradoxical kind of animals, which is not only cute and clever but also cunning and cruel. Fox is not as powerful as big cats. Nevertheless, it is no doubt relatively more intelligent among animals. Due to its intelligence, fox is always considered one of the spirit animals. This attribute, besides its instinctualContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group April 2021”