HKSTA Study Group November 2020

“So you have to write a symbol paper!”  This is the title of an article written by Barbara Weller in 1997. In this study group, Jennifer will lead us to look at Barbara’s view on what a symbol paper is all about. Discussion will also include Pratibha Eastwood article “Resonance on Symbol Paper” in whichContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group November 2020”

HKSTA Study Group October 2020

Who will you think of when hearing the story of the “Sleeping Beauty” ? Is it Princess Aurora? Prince Philip? Or the evil fairy Maleficent?  Maleficent (黑魔后) is known for her curse to Princess Aurora and she is associated with darkness and power. There has not been a back story to give information for whyContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group October 2020”

HKSTA Study Group September 2020

The Japanese consider cherry blossom (さくらSakura桜 ) their national flower.  It is said to represent some kind of spirit and belief of the Japanese people.  Every year when the Spring season comes, from the South to the North of Japan, Sakura blossoms in tremendous amounts and it has become a ritual and a habit theContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group September 2020”

HKSTA Study Group August 2020

Trickster is perhaps one of the most important but paradoxical archetypes among us, from the old time as Hermes, Mercurius, and jester to modern days’ joker in popular movies. Jung writes of “his fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his powers as a shape-shifter, his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure toContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group August 2020”

HKSTA Study Group July 2020

What will you associate with the word Buddha? What is Buddha? What are the different levels of meaning of Buddha? How our clients express the symbol of Buddha  in sandplay therapy? The Lotus Sutra teaches that we can become Buddha. This means that we can realize the Self in our individuation process. (Tadashi, 2012)  HKSTAContinue reading “HKSTA Study Group July 2020”