Links and References


ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy)
ISST National Associations:
AISPT: (Italian Association for Sandplay Therapy)
BISS: (British and Irish Sandplay Society)
CAST: (Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy)
DGST: (German Society for Sandplay Therapy)
ISTA: (Israeli Sandplay Therapists Association)
JAST: (Japan Association of Sandplay Therapy)
NVST: (Netherlands Soceity for Sandplay Therapy)
SGSST: (Swiss Society for Sandplay Therapy)
STA: (Sandplay Therapists of America)

Other sandplay groups or associations:
Sandplay Therapy Association of New Zealand and Australia
Taiwanese Sandplay Therapy Association
Korean Society of Sandplay Therapy


Books on sandplay therapy:
Author Name of the book Publisher
Ammann, Ruth Healing and transformation in sandplay: creative processes become visible Open Court, 1991
Bradway, Kay & McCoard, Barbara Sandplay – silent workshop of the psyche Brunner-Routledge, 1997
Bradway, K.
Signell, K. A.
Spare, G. H.
Stewart, C. T.
Stewart, L. H. & Thompson, C
Sandplay studies: Origins, theory & practice Sigo Press, 1990
Eastwood, Pratibha S Nine windows to wholeness Sanity Press, 2002
Kalff, Dora. M. A psychotherapeutic approach to the psyche: sandplay Sigo Press, 1980
Mitchell, Rie R. & Friedman, H. S. Sandplay – past, present & future Routledge, 1994
Steinhardt, Lenore Foundation and form in Jungian sandplay Jessica Kingsley, 2000
Weinrib, Estelle L. The sandplay therapy process: images of the self Sigo Press, 1983
Zoja, Eva Pattis (Ed.) Sandplay in Three Voices: Images, Randplay therapy – treatment of psychopathologies Daimon, 2004
Books on Jungian psychology:
Author Name of the book Publisher
Harding, M. Esther The I and the not I Princeton University Press, 1965
Johnson, Robert A Inner work: HarperSan Francisco, 1986
Jung, Carl.G Memories, dreams, reflections Vintage Books, 1961
Singer, June Boundaries of the soul: the practice of Jung’s psychology Doubleday, 1994
Stein, Murray Jung’s map of the soul Open Court, 1998
Whitmont, Edward.C The symbolic quest: basic concepts of analytical psychology Princeton University Press, 1991
Symbol Dictionary:
Author Name of the book Publisher
Chevalier, Jean & Gheerbrant Alain The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols Penguin Books, 1996

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