HKSTA Study Group June 2022

In June 2022, we will study the symbol of Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a giant circular building that usually stands alone closest to the sea serving as the guiding light to the voyage. It helps to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs and rocks. Lighthouse, at the same time, is a comforting sign that the calm waters of a welcoming harbour are close to be reached. It’s been viewed as a symbol of hope and security. In Christianity, the Lighthouse represents the guidance, refuge, and salvation that characterized the life of Christ. It also contains a meaning of uniting different elements into one structure, to form wholeness. 

The symbolic meaning of the Lighthouse is so rich! And what’s more? In this study group, May will facilitate us to explore the various meanings of the Lighthouse. Some clinical materials will be presented to facilitate the discussion. Let’s experience the power of lighthouse and let it guide our inner journey, for ourselves and for our clients. 

Details: :
Date: June 23, 2022 (Thurs)
Time: 7:30-9pm
Presenter: Ms May Chan (Lighthouse Keeper @ Lighthouse Play)
Venue: Webinar via zoom
Language: Cantonese 

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association. 

HKSTA Study Group May 2022

In May, we will study Robert Johnson’s book ‘She: Understanding Feminine Psychology’ (Published 2020 by Harper Perennial, first published 1976)

Robert A Johnson in his classic book “She: Understanding Feminine Psychology” discusses from the Jungian perspectives, via the lens of the ancient myth of Amor and Psyche, what it means to be a woman and how a woman walks towards her maturity as well as the masculine components of being a woman.  

In May 2022 study group, Kitty Liu will present the essence of this book and try to illustrate her understanding by some clinical materials that she has come across.  We sincerely invite members, women and men alike, to learn together on this topic.

 Details: :
 Date:  May 26, 2022 (Thursday) :
Time:  7-9pm HK time:
Topic:  “She: Understanding Feminine Psychology” :
Presenter:  Kitty Liu, a certified counsellor in private practice whose major clientele is working adults:
Venue:  Webinar through Zoom:
Language:  Cantonese

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

Notice for the Eleventh Annual General Meeting, 2022

Dear Members,

The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association will hold our Eleventh Annual General Meeting on 30 March 2022 (Wednesday). It will be followed by our March study group on “The Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Crone”, presented by Dr. Amy Leung.

We look forward to your attending either in person (via Zoom video conferencing) or by proxy, but please note that due to security procedures you are required to turn on your camera to gain access to the Zoom video conferencing.

The announcement and related documents of the Eleventh AGM have been sent to all members in a separate email.

If you have any feedback or comment on holding the AGM, please contact the Honorary Secretary at

HKSTA Study Group April 2022

In April, we continue to study Part 2 of the book “Nine Windows to Wholeness: Exploring Numbers in Sandplay Therapy” by Pratibha S. Eastwood.  In this session, we will take an integrated view on the whole system of the number archetypes from different perspectives such as in reference to Erikson’s developmental stages, a synchronistic viewpoint with the Self, from the theme of commitment, love and affect and the sandplay process in general with the client. This session will bring together a wider perspective of seeing how the number archetypes can be applied on a wider scope symbolically.

Book Sharing: Pratibha S. Eastwood (2002), “Nine Windows to Wholeness: Exploring Numbers in Sandplay Therapy” , Sanity Press
Presenters: Ms. Berenice Lee (A private practitioner, Certified Counsellor of HKPCA)
Date: April 19,  2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00-9:00pm (online)
Language: Cantonese

This study group is only open to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

HKSTA Apr-May 2022 The Sandplay Process: Stages, Themes, Symbols by Ms. Lenore F. Steinhardt

Ms. Lenore F. Steinhardt

We are glad to announce that Ms. Lenore F. Steinhardt will offer a series of four Zoom sessions of Sandplay Therapy workshop from April to May 2022 which will fulfill 12 hours of theoretical training required by the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST), Lenore is an Art Therapist, Certified Sandplay Therapist & Teaching Member (ISTA/ISST), and Jungian Psychotherapist. She is an ISST member since 1997. In 2003, she founded a Sandplay Therapy Training Program in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has presented at many ISST Conferences and Intensive Training Weeks as well as in international workshops. In 2016, Lenore came to Hong Kong to provide sandplay therapy training workshop and it was well received.

In this four-session zoom workshop, Lenore will focus on understanding the sandplay process, review its stages, identify themes that are hidden in sandplay images and follow the symbols that represent these themes. In each three-hour session, the sandplay processes of children or adults clients will provide a focus for examining the stages of a process, understanding personal and universal core themes, and discovering how the psyche expresses and projects these unspoken aspects into symbols. Some of the participants will present their clinical materials of sandplay therapy to demonstrate the sandplay  process. If you like to learn more about the sandplay process and Jungian concepts, please come to join us. The deadline for the early-bird will be on April 12, 2022.

Workshop Title: The Sandplay Process: Stages, Themes, Symbols
Dates: 26 April & 3, 10, 17 May (Tuesday), 2022
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Language: English
Venue: Meeting online through ZOOM 

Members of HKSTA will have the privilege of attending workshops at a reduced price, so if you have not yet joined our association, it is time to do so

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