HKSTA The Five Ws in Sandplay Therapy Training 2020

HKSTA will offer a training course in sandplay therapy for beginners from Mar to Apr 2020. We have offered this course twice since 2018 and has received remarkably positive feedback. This course will provide the practical considerations and guidelines for mental health professionals who are at the beginning stage in using sandplay therapy with clients and cases illustration will be used throughout the course. We will be answering the five Ws questions such as “What are main considerations in displaying sandplay miniatures?”, “Where can you find figurines and sand trays in shops and online?”, “Who will benefit most from sandplay therapy?”, “When is the appropriate time to start sandplay therapy with clients?” as well as “How to understand the client from the tray?”. Dr. Ruby Mui will be the course co-ordinator and the major teacher of the course with the help an experienced professional who have practiced sandplay therapy for an extended period of time. Experiential activities as well as self-made figurines are included.

Course Title: The Five Ws in Sandplay Therapy Training
Course co-ordinator: Ruby Mui
Presenters: Bobby Fung
Dates: To Be Confirmed
Time: Monday 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: 5/F., Season Commercial Bldg., 3, Humphrey’s Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

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HKSTA Study Group will meet online

HKSTA Study Group will meet online due to the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus. In order to minimize the risk of infection and safeguard the health of our members, we will have our first online study group in February 28. We will use zoom to hold the meeting.

If you plan to join the study group and do not have a zoom account, please download the software in the link below:

Please also familiar yourself with how to join a meeting and we will send you a link when we confirm your participation in the Study Group:

In this Study Group Bobby will share a clinical case of a boy who suffered from life threatening illness in our Study Group. He will also use a journal article “Glimpsing Sacred Mountain: A brief Sandplay process of a Boy with Cancer.” by Kate Amatruda in our discussion. You can download the article from our Dropbox resource library.

Suffering from life threatening illness can be a terrifying experience, especially for a young boy who had lived in hospital for chemotherapy for over a year. After returning to school, he had to face the threat of relapse and prolong sickness due to side effects of medication. Bobby will show us how Sandplay Therapy has helped him to recover and dealt with suffering. Bobby will also explore transference issues and symbolic expression during his sandplay therapy process.

Topic: Sandplay process with Children who have life threatening illness
Presenter: Bobby Fung
Date: 28 February , 2020 (Friday)
Time : 7:00-9:00pm
Language: Cantonese

This presentation was originally scheduled to be held in January and had been postponed. The February one which will explored the symbol of dog will re-scheduled to April 2020.

This study group is only opened to members of Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.



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HKSTA Study Group December 2019

In December’s study group, Ruby Mui will lead us to study a book chapter from how Sandplay heals trauma from a neuropsychological perspective, wrote by L Freedle. The non-verbal, depth oriented, and multi-sensory nature of Sandplay Therapy serves safe and direct access to trauma and an experiential means to work through it. Through sand touching and moving, free playing, symbolizing and self reflection in the presence of an attuned therapist, multiple brain systems are activated for healing and transformation. Four features of Sandplay therapy that support neural integration are reviewed, they are relational safety, somatosensory engagement, symbolic expression of the trauma narrative, and mindful participation. The author of the book chapter also presented her case to illustrate the concepts. The study group will be run in Cantonese.

Topic: Healing Trauma Through Sandplay Therapy: A Neuropsychological Perspective
Facilitator: Ruby Mui, PsyD
Date: 16 December, 2019 (Monday)
Time : 7:00-9:00pm
Venue: Rm301, 3/F, David House, 8-20, Nanking Street, Jordan, Kowloon

This study group is only opened to members of Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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HKSTA Study Group November 2019

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-24 at 14.18.47

We will look at the symbol of “tomb” in our November Study Group. This presentation concerns the topic of death in general and the symbol of the tomb in particular. An overview of the topic will be given first, including an explanation of death as a process of transformation according to mythical sources. Various symbols of death and how they might appear in the sand will then be introduced, after which the clinical material from several cases will be reviewed and discussed.

November 2019 Study Group
Symbol Study: Tomb
Presenters: Adrian Davis (Play Therapist and Art Therapist; Lecturer, Social Work Programme, Macao Polytechnic Institute) and Mimi Tung (Registered Art Therapist and Marriage & Family Therapist)
Date: 25 November 2019 (Monday)
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Language: English
Venue: The Progression Psychological Practice, Season Commercial Building, 5/F., 3 Humphreys Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (TST MTR Exit A2)

This study group is only opened to the members of Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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HKSTA Sandplay Therapy Course in November 2019: The Search for Ideal Lover: Getting Lost in Dating Relationships by Ms. Carol Chow Suk Yee


Ms. Carol Chow

We are glad to announce that there will be another Cantonese speaking Sandplay Therapy training event held in the coming November by Ms Carol Chow Suk-yee, a Certified Sandplay Therapist of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy (ISST). In this workshop, Carol will share a male case who cannot commit in marital relationship even dating for ten years and keeps on looking for an ideal lover. Carol will elaborate how Sandplay therapy can help him to go through his inner struggles, and finally gains his inner strength to maintain a stable and intimate relationship.

Carol has started teaching Sandplay Therapy in 2012. Some of her topic includes: “The Fundamental Jungian Concepts in Sandplay Therapy” and “Complexes and Sandplay Therapy”.
In the November workshop, Carol will walk you through a four-year journey she had with her client. You will have the privilege to see how she elaborates subtle dynamics and changes in the client from tray to tray. Carol communicates well and explains difficult concepts in everyday language.

Course Title: The Search for Ideal Lover: Getting Lost in Dating Relationship
Presenter: Carol Chow Suk Yee
Dates: November 17 & 24, 2019 (two Sundays)
Time: 2:00-6:00pm
Venue: 5/F, Season Commercial Building, 3 Humphrey’s Avenue, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.
Language: Cantonese

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HKSTA Study Group October 2019: Symbol Study – Witch

photo for October Study GroupThe witch is a captivating presence in sandplay process and it is frequently used by our clients. In our October Study Group, we will inquire into the symbol of the witch guiding by Mrs. Kitty Liu. The witch symbol connects us to the power of the feminine, the feminine intellect and spirit. It is primordial in its force and authoritative in its wisdom. Study materials will be drawn mainly from the book The Witch and The Clown: Two Archetypes of Human Sexuality by Ann and Barry Ulanov. This book is really worthwhile to keep and if you do not have a copy, you can order one from the link below:

Kitty will use clinical cases material and a few sand trays from the clients will be shown to facilitate understanding.

Presenter: Mrs. Kitty Liu (An Associate Member of HKSTA, and she is a Psychological Counselor in private practice)
Date and time: 23 October, 2019 Wednesday, 7-9 pm
Venue: Youngland Workshop (青緻工作室), Unit A, 7th Floor, Wing Lok Building, 160 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan (Sheung Wan MTR Exit A1, within 10 min-walk)

This study group is only opened to the members of Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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HKSTA Study Group September 2019: Sand Tray

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-16 at 12.52.08

Sand tray is an indispensable component of Sandplay Therapy. A wooden box with its size at 28.5 x 19.5 inches with a depth of 3 inches. It is painted blue inside and contains sand. Besides its physical dimension, what more do you know about this basic component of Sandplay Therapy?

In our September Study Group, we are going to study this basic element of Sandplay Therapy through our hands and brains. For our hands, we will make a mini sand tray which could become an additional figurine in our collection. For our brains, we are going to look into the history of sand tray to review pioneers who used sand tray in their therapeutic work and how they influenced the development of Sandplay Therapy. More importantly, we will go to examine what does the sand tray mean to the therapist and the client. Cases illustration will be used in the process.

Title: Sand Tray
Presenters: Bobby Fung & Brenda Koo
Date: 19 September 2109 (Thursday)
Time: 7:00 – 9:00p.m.
Venue: 2/F, 67 Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon (Bobby’s office)
Fee: $20-30 (to share the cost of the materials)

This study group is only opened to members of Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

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