Notice for the Tenth Annual General Meeting, 2021

Dear Members,

The Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association will hold our Tenth Annual General Meeting on 24 March 2021 (Wednesday). It will be followed by our March study group on a symbol – Genie: a mentor within, presented by Bhakta Ng.

We look forward to your attending either in person (via Zoom video conferencing) or by proxy, but please note that due to security procedures you are required to turn on your camera to gain access to the Zoom video conferencing.

The announcement and related documents of the Tenth AGM have been sent to all members in a separate email.

If you have any feedback or comment on holding the AGM, please contact the Honorary Secretary at

Sally Chan is Certified as an ISST Sandplay Therapist

Chan Shook Yim Sally

We would like to congratulate Ms. Sally Chan Shook Yim who has become the fifth locally trained Certified Sandplay Therapist in Hong Kong.  Ms. Chan has been certified by the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) as a Certified Member as of February 10, 2021. 

In brief, the certification process includes (1) a personal process in sandplay therapy with an ISST member; (2) theoretical training of a minimum of 100 hours of participation in training seminars by ISST Teaching members in the tradition of Dora Kalff that is based on the principles of the psychology of C.G. Jung; (3) two written symbol papers; (4) 80 hours supervision of practical work in individual and group sessions; and (5) one completed written case study evaluated by three International ISST case readers.

Ms. Chan began her sandplay journey in 2010 when she attended sandplay workshop conducted by Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen in Hong Kong. She continued to engage in numerous sandplay training in the following years. She went through her personal sandplay process with Barbara Turner.  Her two major supervisors are Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen and Ms. Lenore Steinhardt. She has done “The Well as a Symbol in Sandplay” and “The Closet in Sandplay Therapy” as her symbol papers. Sally has been an active and dedicated member of HKSTA and has contributed in a significant way.  She served as a Committee Member from 2014-2017; and as a Vice-Chairperson from 2017-2020.  Currently she is the Chair-Elect.  Sally is looking forward to sharing her clinical experiences in writing and teaching.

HKSTA fully supports those who intend to become Certified Sandplay Therapists.  We will continue to offer programs and other means to facilitate the process.

HKSTA Study Group March 2021

Genie in Disney Version. Adapted from Official Disney Dream File, No 20 (page 11), by Character Profile Genie, 2009, DeAgostini Japan. Copyright 2006 by K K DeAgostini Japan, Disney, and Disney/Pixar.

Are you aware of the character Genie in the Walt Disney film of Aladdin? We will explore on the psychological dimensions of the story to better understand Genie on both of his opposite aspects that involve “the trickster” and “the wise old man” through his action of granting three wishes to Aladdin. And thus we may know more about the essence of these two archetypal figures from a Jungian perspective. In fact, the figure of the Genie can be interpreted as an inner mentor in the symbolic process and this will be further illustrated by the clinical materials of a lady who has anxiety disorder and delusion features on her quest to find herself. 

Bhakta has completed her two symbol papers and both were accepted in 2020.  “Genie: the mentor within” is her first symbol paper study.

Date      :     March 24, 2021 (Wed)
Time      :     7:30-9pm
Topic     :     Genie: the mentor within
Presenter      :     Bhakta NG (Psychotherapist & Registered Social Worker who mainly works with SEN adolescents and adults with anxiety issues)
Venue    :            Webinar through Zoom
Language     :     Cantonese
Remark  :     Please watch the film Aladdin (2019) before joining this study group

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

HKSTA Study Group February 2021

Joseph Campbell, the acclaimed American mythology academic and famous author postulates that the ‘hero’s journey’ motif or monomyth which he identifies has been present in all cultures and times. The same hero wearing different mask appears throughout mythology, religious, literatures, and centuries.

Aladdin released in 2019 is an American live-action animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Guy Ritchie, from a script he co-wrote

with John August, it is a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1992 animated film of the same name, which itself is based on the eponymous tale from One Thousand and One Nights. The youngster, Aladdin unintentionally engaged in an adventure in which he is on a quest to find himself. The film follows the heroic journey identified by Campbell.

In this study group, we are going to accompany Aladdin to go through a series of stages, obstacles and rewards along his adventure through the lens of Campbell’s ‘hero journey’. Clinical materials of a lady whose daughter died of cancer will be presented to illustrate her quest to find herself.

Topic : The Heroic Journey of Aladdin: the Diamond in the Rough
Presenter: Brenda Koo (Private Practitioner, RSW, CT. Brenda mainly work with bereaved adults and children)
Date: February 25, 2021 (Thursday )
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Venue: Webinar through Zoom
Language: Cantonese

Remark: Please watch the film Aladdin (2019) before joining this study group.

This study group is only opened to members of the Hong Kong Sandplay Therapy Association.

HKSTA workshop – The Five Ws, Part II in Sandplay Therapy Training

Warmest 2021 New Year greeting from HKSTA!

HKSTA will offer a training course in sandplay therapy for beginners in Mar 2021. We have offered this course since 2018 and have received remarkably positive feedback respectively. This course aims to provide the practical considerations and guidelines for mental health professionals who are at the beginning stage in using sandplay. The 5Ws, Part II in Sandplay Therapy Training is an experiential and interactive webinar workshop. We will be answering the five Ws questions such as “What are the therapeutic goals of Sandplay Therapy?”, “How to understand the client’s initial tray and why it is important?”, “What is the sensory experience in touch with dry and wet sand as well as the creation of mini-sandtray?”. Dr. Ruby Mui will be the course co-ordinator and the major facilitator of the course with the help of experienced professionals who have practiced sandplay therapy for an extended period of time. Experiential activities, small group discussion as well as case illustrations will be used throughout the course.

Course Title: The Five Ws, Part II in Sandplay Therapy Training
Course co-ordinator: Ruby Mui
Presenters: Ruby Mui, Berenice Lee & Teresa Kwok
Dates: 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3 2021 (4 classes)
Time: Sunday 9:30am – 12:30pm
Venue: Webinar through zoom

As places are limited, priority will be given to members of HKSTA. If you are interested to learn sandplay therapy, we would also like to invite you to join our association. 

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