List of the workshops offered:

1. December 2003
Ms. Harriet Friedman (U.S.A.)
Sandplay Therapy: An Introduction2003_12 Harriet
2. May 2004
Dr. Eva Pattis (Italy)
Introduction to Sandplay Therapy with Case Presentation2004_5_25 001 Eva Pattis
3. October 2004
Ms. Ruth Ammann (Switzerland)
Encountering the Psyche: Sandplay Therapy2004_10 _27 038 Ruth
4. September 2006
Ms. Ruth Ammann (Switzerland)
Sandplay: Play with Sand or Play with Miniatures?2006_9_19 006 Ruth
5. May 2009
Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen (UK)
Understanding Symbol and Image in Sandplay2009_05_05 003 Alex
6. November 2009
Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen (UK)
Essential Themes in Sandplay Therapy2009 Nov Alex
7. February 2010
Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen (UK)
The Language of Psyche: Symbolic ThinkingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
8. October 2010
Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen (UK)
Working with the Unconscious Psyche: the Relationship between Ego and Self and how they Manifest in Sandplay2010_10_26 021 Alex
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